Agronomic Services

Through combining in-house expertise and forging relationships with leading industry suppliers, Premier Equipment is proud to offer the most robust line-up of advanced, integrated agronomic services available to the Ontario market. From basic agronomic data collection services - to complete comprehensive offerings with the latest technology available - Premier Equipment is committed to providing tools to producers and agronomic service providers to make effective decisions that will make a positive impact on their cropping practices nd bottom-line.

Integrated Solutions Agronomic Services

Base Agronomic Data Collection Services

Consultative services assisting growers with initial set-up and collection of crop input and
harvest information to ensure proper data capture, consistent from field to field, farm to farm during each stage of production. Please see specific services below:

DATA Collection Fundamentals Training

Setting-up data structures, coverage maps, as-applied maps for seeding, fertilizer and yield maps, etc. Premier offers seasonal “Optimization Clinics” and seminars and can also provide custom packages either on-farm or at a dealership location to provide the proper training and understanding for you and your staff.


Consultative Services and Training in Agronomic Software such as APEX, Farmworks, SMS Software training opportunities are availble through attendance of a Premier “Optimization Clinic” and through tailored one-on-one or staff training sessions with your team.

IN SEASON Agronomic Data Collection Support Services

On-farm or remote support.

Advanced Agronomic Data Collection & Analysis Services

Premier ID is a solution centric group of services that Premier has developed to enable the producer and their agronomic advisors to tailor the use of data to create greater insight - and drive integrated descisions. Development of a Premier ID program for your operation provides the ability easily use your cropping data and identify key areas of opportunity. Premier’s goal is to help facilitate the connection of people, equipment, technology, and agronomic insight to give you a greater advantage.

  • Review of clients historic data to ensure accuracy
  • Establish objectives and strategy with client
  • Develop management zones for fields using historic data, topography, aerial imagery and soil information
  • Soil Scanning and Sampling - via Soil-Information-System
  • Review results with client and their trusted Ag Service Provider
  • Comprehensive reports created for each zone for use by producer or Ag Service Provider
  • Results and management zones uploaded into client’s Ag Manangement Software
  • Prescription files created for seeding and application equipment
  • Services are available for all brands of equipment

Premier ID

Integrated Solutions Agronomic Services Map

Integrated Solutions Agronomic Services Maps 

Soil/Crop Health Analytic Data Collection Services

Soil-Information-System (SIS) Scanning and Sampling

The Soil Information System™ (SIS) is an industry leading soil mapping technology that uses advanced sensors and intelligent targeting and geo-processing algorithms to produce high resolution, accurate soil and topographic information.   By providing a greater understanding of the physical and chemical characterization of the soil, including how inputs move through the soil, SIS enables farmers’ trusted advisors to implement more effective solutions to resolve the unique challenges of each area of their fields.   This information can be used to make critical farm management decisions with irrigation, drainage, fertility, and more.

Key Features

Assess detailed soil properties for each field such as soil texture, compaction, root zone depth, moisture retention and availability, and soil fertility
View soil analysis for the top 48 inches (122 cm) of the field’s surface in 3D
Download soil maps into your farm management software applications
Create variable rate application maps from the soil information to help maximize plant growth

Types of Maps

SIS offers precise 3D soil models for over 60 soil physical and chemical characteristics including:

Root zone depth
Soil texture
Moisture holding capacity
Compaction characteristics
Macro and micro-nutrient levels 

Integrated Solutions Agronomic Services Types of Maps


PurePixel Satelite Aerial Imagery

The PurePixel™ precision vegetation health solution provides farmers and their trusted advisors with a high source of vegetation health information to drive improved crop analysis. Most remote sensing based vegetation maps are plagued by issues with "noise" from soil color and moisture variability.  Furthermore, these maps generally use non-calibrated information that limit the user’s ability to compare crop health from one period to the next.  The PurePixel solution not only removes the noise that undermines the accuracy of most vegetation maps, but also uses a precise calibration that allows for more meaningful analysis of the vegetation map information.  Overall, the PurePixel solution provides high quality vegetation health information to improve farm and field management.

Green Seeker NIR/NDVI Crop Health Scanning

The GreenSeeker® crop sensing system is a variable rate application and crop vigor mapping system that offers a more efficient and precise way to measure crop health and aid in managing crop inputs such as nitrogen. The system verifies in real-time the amount of nitrogen the soil has made available using complex agronomic calculations called NDVI.

A sophisticated sensor located on the underside of the GreenSeeker system emits brief bursts of red and infrared light, and then measures the amount of each type of light that is reflected back at the sensor by the plant. These measurements can be used by the GreenSeeker system to make real-time decisions about the amount of fertilizer to be applied on a crop as the sprayer travels throughout the field. Soil variability, and differences in plant vigor are consistently measured by the GreenSeeker system so that the plants receive the exact amount of fertilizer they need to thrive.

Other Services Available

Premier Equipment has great working relationships with several labs and research facilities and the in-house experience to conduct and facilitate testing and reporting in the following areas:

  • Soil sampling and analysis
  • Tissue sampling and analysis
  • Manure sampling and analysis
  • VR Nitrogen prescriptions
  • VR Seed/Population prescriptions
  • EM Scanning and Reporting

Premier Integrated Solutions Agronomic Services