Premier Integrated Solutions - Optimization

Premier is committed to providing services and products to ensure that your equipment and your operation are optimized with the tools, settings and know-how to maximize the potential of your operation. Our Optimization services and products encompass all things needed to get the most from your fleet.

“Field Start” Machine Set-up and Optimization Packages

Planting, Seeding and Harvest Equipment Packages Include:
    • Controller software updates where required
    • Verification and optimization of system settings and calibrations
    • Section control configuration where applicable
    • Guidance system optimization where applicable
    • Operator training and orientation where applicable

Operator Equipment Training

    • Workshop style training with your equipment and your operators at your location
    • Customized to your operation’s needs and equipment
    • Customized handouts and cab sheets

Machine Guidance/Correction Subscriptions and Renewals:

Similar to customizing and maximizing the potential of your smart phone by having it
linked to the best cellular network in your area, and arming it with the apps needed
to make the most of your day, Premier’s offering of machine guidance, data and fleet
management subscriptions and software applications help to enhance your equipment
beyond its primary purpose - delivering more efficiency, information and up-time.

John Deere Air Seeder

Ask us about:

  • JD Connect
  • John Deere Operations Centre
  • Connected Farm
  • VRS RTK Network

  • Center Point RTK
  • John Deere SF2/RTK
  • Field Connect
  • PPN Cellar RTK Network