Software Updates

StarFireTM  Receiver 20-2 Mandatory Software Update Needed


Due to satellite changes, all John Deere StarFireTM  receivers require software updates in order to receive the new signal as of February 1, 2021. 

John Deere StarFire software update image

 There are several options to update receivers:

1. Do-it-Yourself

You can do the software update yourself! Check out the how-to video with instructions.

Visit: for more information or further instruction and to download the software updates if updating your receivers manually using a USB.

*Make sure you download the proper update for your specific display and receiver (GS3/GS4 - 3000/6000). Tip: When downloading the files, you want to be sure to save the PROGRAM files/folder to your USB that is what the system will be looking for when you plug in the USB.

2. Request Updates as part of your annual Premier Service Inspection.

For the Winter 2021 Inspection Season, Premier Equipment will be including the software updates on any inspected equipment that have StarFire receivers installed. Talk to your local service department about including the software update with your regular inspection. 

Premier Service Inspection

3. Receiver Only Update - Let Premier do it for you.

You can bring your receiver into your local service department and our team will process the receiver update for you. ($60.00/unit)

Contact your local Service Department for details. 

StarFire 6000 Receiver