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Nitrogen Toolbar

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Hagie NTB

The Hagie Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB) has been an attachment for the Hagie STS for over a decade. It stands out as a tool that can increase nitrogen use efficiency by giving producers the opportunity to make nitrogen rate decisions closer to the time of peak demand. As part of a split application approach, in-season applications may reduce the total amount of nitrogen used while making more available to the crop when it needs it.

The results can be twofold -

  1. Fewer dollars spent on nitrogen inputs
  2. Yield increases because nitrogen is a non-limiting factor
  • 30' and 40' width
  • 20" and 30" spacing
  • Float design to contour the ground
  • 4 standard gauge wheels for depth control and storage
  • Standard coulter depth bands to control injection depth of individual row units
  • 8 to 10 mph average application speed

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