E100 Series

What does the E stand for on the new 100 series Lawn Mowers from John Deere? EASY.

Easy to Love.

The new E100 Series lawn mowers are easy to love. With the wider, more comfortable operator station, adjustable seat, electric PTO Mower engagement, redesigned deck lift lever, and side-by-side forward/reverse foot controls – you can take it easy while mowing your lawn. Engineered the down to the tiniest detail, the E100 Series is built to mow a 1/3 of an acre up to two acres, with mower deck sizes ranging from 42-in. (107 cm) to 54-in., and horse power to match.

Easy to Maintain.

Exclusive to John Deere, the new Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System has revolutionized and made it easier than ever to maintain your lawn tractor. With it’s all-in-one oil and filter system, you can change your oil within 30 seconds, in your own drive way without tools or the mess of a traditional oil change. Click here to learn more.


Keep your mind at Ease.

With the new E100 series you can rest assured that you have the quality you expect from John Deere. From our stamped steel mower decks, new Strong Box battery, cast iron front axles and a bumper-to-bumper 2 year/120 warranty.

equipment 1
E120 Lawn Tractor
Starting at: $2,775*
equipment 2
E130 Lawn Tractor
Starting at: $2,900*
equipment 3
E140 Lawn Tractor
Starting at: $3,025*
equipment 4
E150 Lawn Tractor
Starting at: $3,150*
equipment 5
E160 Lawn Tractor
Starting at: $3,375*
equipment 6
E170 Lawn Tractor
Starting at: $3,500*
equipment 7
E180 Lawn Tractor
Starting at: $3,975*