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Brent - Brent Grain Handling

Brent has been an industry leader in grain handling equipment for more than four decades. The innovative lineup of grain carts and grain wagons help increase efficiency for harvest operations all over the globe. With the ever-changing landscape of farming operations, Brent continues to innovate and develop new products that help meet the demanding needs of a growing population. Whether it's 2,500 bushel grain cart or 550 bushel grain wagon, you can trust Brent to provide the highest quality of equipment.

Avalanche 98-SERIES Dual Auger Grain Carts Avalanche 98-Series

The Brent® Avalanche® dual-auger grain carts have set powerful standards for unloading speed, convenience, capacity and durability.  The all-new 98-Series of Avalanche grain carts carry on this tradition and give the operator more auger side reach and height along with choice of right- or left-hand unloading to meet individual preferences.  The dual-auger design provides a narrow transport width and low profile for greater stability and ease of transport and features the fastest unloading speeds, no matter the moisture of grain.  In addition to the industry’s first pivoting vertical unloading auger, the 98-Series is standard with a 4-way directional downspout that is operated on the tractor’s SCV remotes.  The all-welded construction, rubber cushioned tongue suspension and heavy-duty dual-belt drive system ensure years of dependable service.  Capacities range from 2,500 to 1,100 bushels and with unloading speeds up to 1,000 bushels per minute depending on model, operators can get back to the combine quicker to keep harvest moving smoothly.  Bigger, faster, better.  The Avalanche 98-Series dual-auger grain carts feature dynamic performance that now pivots to new heights.

V-Series SINGLE AUGER GRAIN CARTS - V-Series Single Auger Grain Carts

The Brent V-Series single auger grain carts bring operator visibility and convenience to new limits.  The exclusive forward-reaching auger design provides industry-leading reach which maximizes visibility of the auger and downspout during unloading.  This reduces operator fatigue and minimizes the risk of spilling to keep your harvest running smoothly.  Choose from models V1500, V1300, V1100, V1000, V800 and V700 with capacities ranging from 1,500 to 750 bushels and unloading speeds up to 600 bushels per minute depending on model.


From start to finish, harvest goes smoother with a Brent grain cart.  The Brent 678XL and 578 models of corner-auger grain carts feature 630 and 550 bushel carrying capacities, making it the right size for smaller acreage requirements. The side-fold, single-auger design allows the upper auger to be longer, increasing side reach and height, which allows the operator to drop grain straight down for greater control.  For additional outward and upward reach, the model 678XL features an additional 1’ of auger side reach and 1’ 5” of additional auger height.  The 14” diameter auger provides unloading speeds up to 300 bushels per minute and the unique auger sump combined with the steep side slopes ensure quick and complete cleanout of grain during each unload.  The Brent 678XL and 578 corner-auger grain carts offer high-capacity grain handling in mid-size packages.

GRAIN TRAIN® 57-SERIES HIGH-CAPACITY GRAIN WAGONS 57- and 57Q-Series Grain Train Grain Wagons

When it comes to wagon designs, count on the Brent name to lead in productivity-enhancing innovations. This tradition continues with the new 57- and 57Q-series Grain Train wagons.  With the patented door wheel on the 757, 657 and 557 that quickly adjusts to left or right side of the unloading door to the 757Q, 657Q and 557Q with push-button operated unloading door, Brent Grain Train wagons will make your harvest quicker and smoother from start to finish.  The wagon that is quick, quiet and convenient - When you’re ready for the best, you're ready for a Brent!

Unverferth - Unverferth Farm Equipment (

Unverferth is a leading manufacturer and marketer of tillage equipment, pull-type sprayers, fertilizer applicators, hay and grain handling equipment, and agricultural dual and specialty wheels. The family-owned atmosphere which promotes pride in product quality and value is as prevalent today as it was over 75 years ago.

SEED TENDERS - Seed Tenders

The Seed Runner bulk tank seed tender innovated the bulk seed handling industry when it debuted more than 10 years. The patented self-filling design made it easier to handle bulk seed and sped up planting for many farm operations. With the addition of the Seed Pro bulk box carrier a few years later, the Unverferth lineup of seed handling equipment positioned itself as the leader in the field.

SOIL CONDITIONERS - Soil Conditioners

When it comes to preparing an ideal seedbed, Unverferth offers a complete line of equipment to meet your operation's needs. The Rolling Harrow soil conditioner can help prepare a one-pass seedbed behind your field cultivator, vertical tillage tool or disk. Be ready for the planting season with the Unverferth lineup of soil conditioners.