Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By visiting premierequipment.ca, MyPremierAPP or Premier Equipment Ltd on social media you hereby acknowledge:

The information, services and products offered from Premier Equipment Ltd via premierequipment.ca or the MyPremierApp/Dealer Customer Portal are presented in good faith and as accurate as possible at time of publishing.

Although efforts have been taken to unsure information correctness, errors or omissions can and will occur. Premier Equipment Ltd does not warrant that the information accessible via the internet for any Premier owned or maintained property such as premierequipment.ca, the MyPremierApp, premier social media accounts or via any third-party vendor [such as equipment listing directories like AgDealer, Tractor House/Market Book, Farms.com, Kijiji or otherwise] – as accurate, complete or current.

When visiting premierequipment.ca or any other online entity representing Premier Equipment Ltd you agree that Premier Equipment Ltd be held harmless from all liability for any and all errors or omissions. Such errors can include but are not limited to – pricing, model information, finance or cash offers from Premier, John Deere or other affiliated party. Premier Equipment Ltd shall not be required to honour any pricing that is deemed to be incorrect. Premier Equipment reserves the right to without notice change prices, limit sale quantity or refuse sale or service to any customer. Any financing offered is only available based on approved credit, and not guaranteed in any way. Offers can be changed or cancelled at any time without notice and may be subject to conditions or limitations.

Should an error or omission be reported, Premier will take measures to have the sited error corrected within 24 hours.

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