John Deere Tech Program

The John Deere Tech Program powers your ability to turn who you are and what you like to do into a real career that matters! 

It is hard to find opportunity and security like the JD Tech program offers. Premier Equipment is proud to be a part of the JD Tech (Apprenticeship) Program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. This program gives you an edge over traditional farm equipment apprenticeship program graduates, with an additional 4 months of training on strictly John Deere equipment. During your time at school, Premier provides tuition assistance and in this 36 month apprenticeship program, you will have a combination of time at school and time working at Premier gaining hands on experience with pay, (while at school, you could be eligible to receive unemployment insurance and apprenticeship grants.) You will be rewarded upon the successful completion of each level of the program, with a wage increase.


 You will study advanced John Deere diesel engine, hydraulic, electrical, fuel, drive train, air conditioning and brake systems, as well as planting equipment, system diagnostics, applied work practices and procedures, and harvesting equipment. You will become proficient with high-tech electronics, computer diagnostics, sophisticated AMS Precision Farming Technology and proprietary John Deere systems. Aside from professional training and development that we provide to our technicians, they are also required to achieve extensive technical training through John Deere University. To achieve these standards our technicians require 150 John Deere technical training hours to achieve an Advanced standing and 225 hours to achieve a Master’s standing as well as yearly updates .

Year School Work
1 4 months 8 months
2 3 months 9 months
3 3 months 9 months

When completed you will write the Certificate of Qualification.

For more information we invite you to lean more through the following link: Ag & Turf Technician Training