Premier Gives

Premier is committed to the communities where we live, work and play. Annually, Premier supports over 130 industry and community initiatives, events and local charities. We are also proud to be regular supporters of the following organizations.

FIDA – Productive Cooperatives Haiti

Premier has been participating in a significant sponsorship for a project designed to establish an agricultural productive cooperative in the rural areas of Haiti. The sponsorship is designed to educate and train the people in Haiti, so that they can provide for themselves and their families on their own through the establishment of a cooperative. Premier has partnered with FIDA in this endeavour. FIDA is a fully registered Canadian charitable organization, operating since 1984, which carries out its activities in Haiti through Productive Cooperatives Haiti (pcH). Each year Premier has given a group of employees the opportunity to go on a discovery tour of Haiti. Real change happens when you engage the people who live there.

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Breakfast for Learning

Premier makes an annual contribution to Breakfast for Learning. Breakfast for Learning supports child nutrition across Canada by providing grants to schools and community sites that run breakfast, lunch and snack programs. They fund the highest-needs programs, which are programs in areas that have been identified by community partners, governments and/or schools themselves as highest-needs.

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Friend in Need Program

Premier came to the realization that sadly, tragedies happen all around us – it could be weather related, a farming accident, or any other event that affects a family within our community. We have an employee representative at each location that has a good idea of what is happening with our customers, our employees and/or our neighbours. When tragedy strikes, Premier reaches out and helps. We have helped in situations such as barn fires and weather related disasters.