Operations Center Clinics a Success!

posted on Friday, April 21, 2023 in News

In efforts to provide customers with opportunities to learn, hone skills and get the most from their equipment and data – the Precision Ag Team at Premier hosted several Optesteration Center training workshops over the winter months at various locations. 

There were two main sessions offered during the training. The ‘basics’ session covered off foundational elements like Field and Boundary creation, Staff and Team Management tools, Basic data upload methods, Review of yield maps and analysis, and Partnership set-up.

The ‘advanced’ session reviewed In-depth review of yield data, including variety/product comparisons, work planner and set-up file creation, machine reports/analysis, and third-party connections. 

There is some much that can be done to work ahead, optimize and easily manage with Operations Centre,” say Graham Burton, Premier’s Precision Ag Manager. “We’ve had an exceptional level of participation and engagement in our training workshops.

Initially there were 2 events planned, but due to overwhelmingops center response they ‘sold-out’ immediately and there were 3 more sessions made available, all of which were at max capacity. In total there were over 150 attend the day-long workshops, hosted in Elmira, Listowel and Norwich.

We are so excited about the new technologies that are coming down the line from John Deere, things like See and Spray, and autonomy. And I think our customers are, too,” says Burton. “We’ve noticed even more interest from our customers wanting to learn more and get the most out of their equipment and data. The reality for most, is to take advantage of some of the game-changing things like See and Spray or autonomy, you need to have a good foundation in Ops Centre, and have your fields, boundaries, etc, set-up, making it easy to adopt the new technology,” says Burton. 

Feedback from the workshop attendees was very positive, with graciously accepted notes of thanks to the presenting teams and encouragement to continue to offer more workshops in the future.

Currently the team is considering offering end-of-year Ops Centre Workshops in late November/early December depending on harvest, to assist in offering best practices and tips/tricks to tidy up data and prepare for the season ahead. Check our Events Page regularly to learn more about training events, equipment demos or more learning opportunities. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your local Premier team.

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