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posted on Friday, June 24, 2022 in News

Premier Equipment Commemorative Paintings

We are very thankful to work with amazing local artist Brent Schreiber. Brent has helped us commemorate our new facilities by showcasing elements of the past (old locations and buildings), landscapes and settings that depict the area that we serve, and significant equipment models of past and present. Check out the three works created for Elmira (2014), Listowel (2021) and Norwich (2022).

The Elmira painting features the original dealership buildings that began in 1955. The Model 60 was the first John Deere sold by Emerson Brubacher when the dealership first opened. The building in the upper right of the image are the updated facilities that were built in the late 80’s/early 90’s at the 122 Church Street address. The 4455 represents the generation of tractors of that time, extending the season and making work happen with the addition of front-wheel drive. The main building in the middle is the new facility completed in the early spring of 2014 at 275 Church Street. The building was developed leveraging dealership plans from John Deere, along with modifications and additions recommend to Premier from other dealers across Canada who had recently built similar facilities. This new Elmira facility has served as a central hub for Premier, and host the main administrative staff for the dealership. As well, in 2014 renovation was completed on the Mount Forest facility, including a facelift to the building that emulated the new facility in Elmira. The 8R shown in the foreground represented the new line of R series tractors that were being introduced at the time, which began with the 8R family in 2011.

Prints were given out at the Grand Opening in 2014. It’s estimated that there were over 2500 people visit the dealership that weekend.

The Listowel painting focuses on the new building completed in the fall of 2021 on the existing dealership location at 8475 Rd 164 (Hwy #23) north of Listowel. The prominence of the building in the painting is meant to be symbolic for the renewed and increased commitment to the region that the Listowel store serves, and the increased capability and inventory being offered to customers. As with the Elmira painting the imagery is meant to commemorate the past as well. On the left-hand side of the painting are images of the Mount Forest location and the original Listowel dealership. In the forefront is a John Deere 6R with loader – a nod to the customer base in the area and the versality of the 6R for dairy, livestock and row crop production.

Prints were given out at the Grand Opening on June 10, 2022 when the Listowel staff hosted over 1000 visitors.

The most recent in the series of paintings was recently completed for the Norwich location. Again, following the themes of the other works, the Norwich painting celebrates the past, the original locations that served the area and significant equipment in the past and present. In this painting you’ll notice the original Courtland (on the right) and Simcoe (left) stores on either side of the new building. Our Norwich facility, at the corner of Maple Dell Rd and Hwy #59, serves one of the most diverse production regions in all of Canada. The painting features narrow and high crop tractors popular in the area, an orchard, ginseng, old tobacco kilns and cedar tree lines – all imagery true to the unique landscapes, crops, fruit and vegetables grown in the area. The 4430 represents a main model that was sold in the mid-late 70’s from the Courtland and Simcoe stores, many of those tractors are still in use today. The new 8R, with the new body styling represents the present and the future technology that will be available and supported by the Norwich team.

Prints were shared with over 2500 guests at the Grand Opening on June 17, 2022.

We appreciate Brent's wonderful ability to capture the elements of the landscapes, buildings and equipment and portray them beautifully in what we hope are meaningful keep-sakes for our customers and staff.

Elmira Painting:

Elmira Painting

Listowel Painting:

Listowel Painting

Norwich Painting:

Norwich Painting