Factors for the safe use of telescopic handlers

Liebherr’s telescopic handlers are built for variable applications and have one common denominator – 100% safety. Fast, nimble and equipped with powerful hydraulics, the machines are used widely across construction and material handling applications, but moving heavy loads at height while travelling over varied terrain demands maximum safety. We have compiled this guide to the six most important factors.

Factor Heading
Operator - Long Hours and a myriad of controls are all fatigue-inducing factors that can have a negative effect on man and machine 

Telescopic handlers from Liebherr keep their drivers awake and alert:

  • Because engine speeds are automatically raised when needed, the driver doesn’t have to control this function via the pedals
  • Programmable bucket return: returns the bucket to the ideal dumping angle without the need for operator intervention
  • Eco Motion: enables the telescope to be lowered without engine assistance, saving fuel when used extensively and reducing the noise of the operating hydraulics
Visibility - Visibility is vital when quickly assessing hazardous situations. This means a 360-degree view around the vehicle and tyres as well as sight of the load and attachment tools.

Telescopic handlers from Liebherr offer their drivers perfect visibility

  • Comfort driver’s cabin for perfect 360-degree views thanks to generous cabin glazing
  • Standard roll cage without cross beam as well as an external protection grid as an option
  • Lower telescope boom pivot point for improved lateral visibility
Stability - For off road-capable stackers with variable reach, maximum stability when moving loads and great traction are indispensable. Telescopic handlers from Liebherr are sure-footed and never lose traction.

Telescopic handlers from Liebherr are always sure-footed and never loose traction:

  • Load Moment Plus for even more stability – up to 25% more load capacity with extended boom
  • Comfort Drive ride control system prevents the vehicle bouncing on uneven terrain
  • Auto Hill Assist increases safety on hills and there’s an automated electronic parking brake
Technology - State-of-the-art safety features prevent the driver performing dangerous manoeuvres. The machine can calculate the safest movements at all times, often something the driver can’t do with the same accuracy.

Telescopic handlers from Liebherr support their drivers with active overload warning:

  • Live measurement of the load situation via strain gauge on the rear axle
  • LED indicators green, yellow, red
  • Automatic reduction of hydraulics’ speed to increase dynamic stability
Simplicity - Sounds simple but is critical where safety is involved. Slower movements allow stacking tasks to be carried out with greater accuracy and safety. The logical operating concept allows even inexperienced drivers to safely handle construction equipment.

Telescopic handlers from Liebherr can be controlled easily and with great accuracy

  • Fine controls: for slower placing of heavy loads at height
  • Continuous colour coding of control elements: Blue for lighting, orange for driving, grey for working hydraulics and red for all safety functions
Design - Robustly built telescopic handlers with components developed for specific tasks – and that are regularly maintained – guarantee low downtimes and reduce the risk of material-related accidents.

Telescopic handlers from Liebherr are not just pretty:

  • End position damped boom cylinders dampen impact
  • Cables and hoses run on a load carrier on the inside of the telescope boom and are connected without chafing
  • Solid steel construction developed and tested through years of push dozer experience in Telfs, Austria