Do It Yourself Repairs

Premier Equipment and John Deere are united in efforts to provide John Deere equipment owners with all information needed to safely and responsibly operate, maintain and repair their equipment.

Since the very beginning, John Deere has partnered with equipment owners to maximize working ‘uptime’ by ensuring that parts, technical manuals, parts schematics and other resources have been available so that they can complete repairs on their equipment if they choose to do so themselves. John Deere has one of the most extensive parts networks in the industry, and a long history (over 185 years) of providing customers with the resources needed to keep their equipment up and running.

As your local John Deere dealer, Premier is ready to meet all your repair and support needs through our traditional parts and service offering, but also providing access to additional technical resources to enable do-it-yourself repairs. Please see information below on various resources available.

General PARTS and SERVICE Information:

  • By visiting the main home page of, and clicking the Parts & Service link in the top navigation – you will be provided with a whole menu of part and service resources - from parts look-up, manuals and training, warranty, support, recall and safety information.

PARTS - Parts schematics, look-ups, online ordering, pricing and availability:

  • The MyPremierApp – is a great resource to look-up parts and order parts online.
  • JD PARTs – is the general John Deere parts catalogue online. You can get there via the MyPremierApp as well.


  • Visit John Deere’s online Ag and Turf Bookstore - There you will find access to John Deere’s technical manuals, equipment publications and installation guides. Some items are free, some are offered to purchase.


  • Special Tools may be required to safely complete complex repairs on John Deere equipment. These tools are available for purchase by contacting your local Premier Service Department.

Customer Service Advisor 5.2 – Software

Customer Service Advisor is a fee-based annual subscription that allows equipment owners and repair shops access to the very same software platform that certified John Deere Dealers use to support maintenance and repairs, including:

  • Access to Owners & Technical Manuals
  • Look up Diagnostic Technical Codes
  • Machine Diagnostic Connectivity with EDL
  • Perform Machine Tests & Calibrations with EDL
  • Access to Service Advisor Online
  • Dealer Support on the use of the CSA 5.2
  • Annual Updates (with subscription renewals)

Customer Service Advisor 5.2 may not be right for everyone and is best suited for farms or businesses who:

  • Perform their own repairs.
  • Have skilled mechanics trained in the use of electronic diagnostic tools.
  • Require regular access to electronic and diagnostic information.
  • Possess and are familiar with a MyPremierApp account (a requirement at purchase).

Customer Service Advisor 5.2 is available for purchase/download. Contact your local Premier service department for more information.

Equipment Owner Training

Premier Equipment is proud to regularly host training clinics and events at our various dealership locations. These events are meant to educate equipment owners and operators on the best practices to optimize their equipment, as well as share regular maintenance and repair tips.

Please visit Premier's Youtube Channel to view various equipment optimization and general maintenance videos. 

Premier also is able to provide customized equipment training packages at owners request. Contact your local Premier Equipment to talk about training opportunities.

General acknowledgements with regards to ‘Right to Repair’:

  • Premier supports owner’s right to repair their own equipment.
  • Premier does not support machine modifications that are illegal or compromise safety or government regulated environmental or emissions standards.
  • Premier supports John Deere and other manufacturer’s efforts and rights with regards to IP, software, programming that have been developed and regulated to ensure proper performance, safety, privacy and emissions standards.
  • Premier is required to return equipment under service to OEM specifications when deemed necessary to complete the specific repair.
  • Premier will not participate in the sale, support or installation of non-OEM emissions or performance defeat software or hardware of any type.
  • Premier is required to notify the manufacturer of known modifications as deemed relevant to warranty claims.
  • Premier is continually investing in equipment, tools and staff training (including a fully certified Technician program spanning several years, including classroom and in-field training).

As always, Premier will:

  • Continue to offer owners the ability to access all available manuals, publications and online resources that pertain to the repair and maintenance of their equipment.
  • Continue to provide one of the largest parts inventories in Ontario, fully available to equipment owners to purchase for the purpose of self-repair.