How-To Videos

Spring Planter Basics

Technicians Chris and Matt provide a quick overview of basic planter components to check over in preparation for spring planting. Later in the video Graham goes over basic planter set-up on GS3 and Gen4 displays.

Spring Sprayer Basics

Technicians Dan and Josh go over fundamental sprayer checks for spring. Then Josh uses the simulator to go over set-ups on both GS3 and Gen4 displays.

S Series Combine Pre-Harvest Checks

John Deere S Series Combine – Pre-Season tips to get ready to go to the field. Premier Equipment technicians Dale and Josh go over service items and adjustments to help prepare your S Series Combine for grain harvest. Contact your local Premier Equipment Ltd. If you have any questions or need assistance.

60/70 Series Grain Harvest Pre-Season Checks

Premier Equipment technicians Dan and Matt go over pre-season checks relevant on 60 and 70 Series John Deere Combines using a 9870 STS. Virtually walk-around as Dan and Matt review various inspection points and describe best practices to prepare your combine for grain harvest. Your local Premier Equipment location as the expertise to help you get ready. If you have any questions or need assistance, please give us a call.

50/Walker Combine Pre-Harvest Checks

Join technician Chris for a quick refresher on things to check on your 50 series or walker-style combines in prep for harvest. Call your local Premier for assistance!

Draper Platform Pre-Season Checks 

Premier Equipment Technicians Dan and Matt go over basic pre-harvest maintenance and set-up tips, plus head calibration for draper platform heads from John Deere. Information is relevant for 600/700 series draper heads. If you have questions, please reach out to your local Premier parts or service department.

Flex (Auger) Platform Head Pre-Harvest Checks

Make sure your flex head is in good order before harvest! Let Premier Equipment technicians Dan and Matt guide you through maintenance items and optimization adjustments to ensure your flex head is in good order before going to the field. Reach out to your local service or parts department if you have any questions.