PowerGard Warranty

The PowerGard™ Protection Plan is an extended warranty program for all eligible new or used John Deere equipment covering defective components and parts due to faulty materials or original workmanship.

The John Deere PowerGard™ Protection Plan for new (in-warranty) tractors is available in either the Limited (engine & powertrain) coverage, or the Comprehensive (full machine) coverage forms. The new Comprehensive (full machine) coverage under PowerGard™ Protection is available only on new tractors (purchased while in warranty) when used in normal agricultural applications.

Benefits of PowerGard

  Peace Of Mind
  Provides "peace of mind" for your equipment customers with
  protection against possible large repair bills in the post-warranty

  Claims Paid Right Away
  Covered claims are paid directly to the dealership on behalf of the
  customer, with no “pre-approval” processes.

  Fully Transferrable
  All coverage is tied to the equipment, is fully transferrable when
  sold or traded, and requires no fees.

  No Cost Sharing
  Customers with PowerGard™ Protection, and who have out of
  warranty failures, do not get into "special allowance" negotiations
  or cost sharing, thus improving the customer ownership experience.

  Adds Trade-In Value
  Remaining extended warranty coverage when the unit is sold, or
  traded, adds value at trade-in time.