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Protect Your Investment!

At Premier, we greatly appreciate protecting and maintaining the value of your equipment. In addition to service and maintenance plans, Premier is proud to offer a suite of products to clean, protect and maintain the paint and exterior surfaces, windshields and the interior of your equipment.

We’re always looking for products and services to help enhance our customers ownership experience and protect their investment. From a host of standard products offered from John Deere, to professional detailing calibre ceramic and carbon polymeric surface treatments and cleaners – Premier has what you need to keep your equipment looking it’s best.

Exterior Protection

Final Coat Exterior

Powered by Feynlabs® and Final Coat

Premier offers two professional grade exterior surface treatments.

Final Coat Exterior is a polymer compound that bonds at the molecular level to the paint and plastics of your machine, provides an excellent level of protection.

Feynlabs ULTRA Ceramic is a new product being offered by Premier that is an incredibly durable ceramic coating that forms a lattice structure of protection – the ultimate in demanding situations in ag and commercial job sites.

Both products provide incredible UV protection and prevents discolouration, improves gloss and has magnificent hydrophobic properties (water/dirt shedding ability) that make it easier to clean – making your machine look newer longer!

Exterior Protection Treatments:

  • Protects against the effects of UV Rays, bird droppings, mud/dirt/dust, road tar, soot/exhaust and more.
  • Flexible, yet durable coating
  • Creates a smooth, frictionless surface that resists adhesion.
  • Seals in and improves that new look, making your machine easier to clean and eliminates the need for waxing. 

Windshield Protection

Final Coat Windshield Plus graphic

FINAL COAT Windshield+ (FCW)

Improve visibility in poor conditions with Final Coat Windshield+!

Final Coat Windshield+ (FCW) is a similar product to FCX, formulated specifically for glass. FCW significantly improves vision during rain/snow and greatly reduces adhesion of dirt, mud or other contaminants.

Interior Protection

Final Coat Interior Protection


Final Coat Interior – Ultimate protection for your interior!

Final Coat Interior (FCI) is provides industrial strength protection against food and beverage spills, dirt, oil and grease. Part of the Final Coat family of products, Final Coat Interior and Final Coat Leather & Vinyl Protector bonds to carpet, seats and interior surfaces creating a polymer shield protecting these surfaces, making them easier to clean as it works to shed the contaminants instead of absorbing them.

Final Coat Interior products are formulated at professional/industrial strength and aren’t water based – so they are higher quality than products available over-the-counter at auto care retailers, and will resist breaking down – lasting longer.

Corrosion Protection

FINAL COAT Corrosion Protection Module

FINAL COAT Corrosion Protection Module

Fight rust with electromagnetic technology!

The FINAL COAT Corrosion Protection Module is patented and scientifically proven technology that significantly reduces the rate of corrosion and oxidization on sheet metal panels. Install a Final Coat Corrosion Module and prolong the look and longevity of your equipment.

  • Reduces the rate of corrosion on sheet metal panels
  • Alternative to under-oiling, protects where oil doesn't reach

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